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Training Library

We offer a variety of project management training and other professional training courses for your development needs. Our training courses are available individually at your request. You may also select multiple courses to create a personalized development program for your needs.

The content, title and length of all training courses are tailored to fit the specific needs of each client.

Some of our Most Popular Training Categories

Communicating Effectively

Poor communication is the root cause for many business and relationship problems. Our workshops review the most common communication challenges when leading people and managing the business. Participants examine different styles of communicating and identify effective communication strategies for various business situations.

Leading & Influencing People

While many people possess leadership qualities, unfortunately not all are viewed as strong leaders. This group of workshops explores various leadership styles and scenarios to equip leaders with multiple tactics and help leaders recognize personal tendencies that may be impeding progress.

Managing Projects

Organizational leaders are frequently responsible for managing both people and projects. Using elements of the PMBOK (Project Management Body of Knowledge), our workshops provide leaders with tactics and tools to successfully manage and oversee projects.

Making Decisions & Solving Problems

New business development and innovation often include new business challenges as well. These engaging workshops provide leaders with tools to clearly identify problems and effective methods to approach problem solving creatively and efficiently.

Lean / Six Sigma

Many organizations have improved operational performance using both Lean and Six Sigma. Let us help you eliminate wasteful steps and create efficient systems in your organization with effective Lean and Six Sigma training. Apply the quality tools; learn the key roles, the DMAIC phases and more.

Diversity & Inclusion

Organizations that recognize the value of inclusion and diversity are attracting the top talent. Our interactive workshops review various types of diversity in the workplace, examine personal biases and outline strategies to help leaders develop an inclusive and productive environment.

Servicing Customers

Satisfied customers are essential for long term business success. Our interactive workshops examine the various customers in business and provide leaders with strategies for providing exemplary service while maintaining focus on internal goals and objectives.

Managing Change

Change is a constant in most successful organizations. These workshops provide leaders with tools to effectively implement and manage change.

Managing Stress

Employers continue to spend a significant portion of annual budgets on stress related incidents. These workshops equip leaders to recognize the impact of stress in the work environment and provide multiple strategies to address stressful situations preemptively.

Managing Time

Time management is one of the most crucial elements of personal productivity. Our workshops provide effective strategies and techniques for leaders to maximize time and improve productivity.

Resolving Conflict

Conflicting ideas and strategies are inevitable in business. If not handled properly, however, these conflicts can escalate into problems and issues that stall business creativity and create toxic cultures. Our workshops equip leaders with tools to effectively identify, manage and/or resolve conflict in a healthy manner.

Personal Productivity

Participants in these workshops learn the value of planning, establishing goals, building routines and creating efficient environments to maximize personal productivity.