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Expanding Your Leadership Capabilities

Equipping You For Works of Service

Supporting Your Success

Lifetime Leaders is a woman owned consulting firm founded in 2007 to help organizations expand their leadership capability. The management consulting and training we provide is born from firsthand experience as corporate leaders and a passion for developing people. Our consultants partner with you to identify specific needs and to provide solutions that support the organization’s goals. Our trainers use innovative instruction techniques to facilitate learning and behavioral change.

We seek to complement the existing programs and initiatives within your organization. When necessary, we can also help to establish needed programs and/or structure for your organization.

Lifetime Leaders supports the success of individuals and organizations. We invite you to leverage our knowledge and experience to support your professional success. Our consultants are readily available to speak with you.


Equip individuals and organizations for service

The mission of Lifetime Leaders is to prepare people and organizations to perform their works of service. Your success indicates that we are accomplishing our mission.


A body of fully developed individuals

Lifetime Leaders is working toward a vision where people are adequately developed and equipped to reach the height of their potential.



These five values are at the core of all we do. As leaders, we consider each of these values to be essential pillars in both our professional and personal endeavors.