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The founder of Lifetime Leaders derived the core service pillars from competencies gained over years of corporate experience.

Developing PEOPLE through training workshops and development programs

Improving PROCESSES via consulting engagements

Refining PLANS by facilitating strategic meetings and retreats

We support your success by offering a variety of services. Focusing on our areas of strength, our services include consulting on management and operations issues, facilitating meetings and strategy sessions, conducting training workshops and leading professional development activities.

Management Consulting

As consultants, we help you work through specific challenges that are impeding your success. We typically serve as temporary advisors, acting managers or project managers to provide more attention and accountability to the key initiatives. The support we offer is available as needed without adding a permanent salary expense to your budget. Our presence allows you to focus more fully on the strategic aspects of the business while we support your success.

Meeting Facilitation

We support your success by facilitating corporate meetings, leadership retreats, strategic planning sessions and more. Our objective is to keep meetings focused and on track, while creating an environment of open dialogue. We can also deliver straightforward messages that are best received from an external, neutral party. Our facilitation techniques engage all participants and produce clearly defined results.

Training Workshops

The selection of tools and topics in our training library adapts to accommodate the needs of our clientele. We recognize that adult learners bring an array of experiences and knowledge into the training environment. Therefore, our training workshops are designed to engage all participants. The Lifetime Leaders training consultants purposefully draw participants into the discussions in an effort to make the material relevant and applicable.

Development Programs

Our development programs are tailored to meet the specific needs of participants and to bring about behavior change. Common development techniques include reoccurring workshops and seminars, case studies, group coaching, assessment tools and more.

Special Offers

Feature Presentations

Each quarter Lifetime Leaders features a course from the training library. The featured course is available at a reduced rate for new clients. Contact us to learn more.



Our consultants frequently serve as guest speakers for local organization’s meetings. If you are seeking a speaker for an association meeting in Greater Washington DC, we may be able to assist. Contact us to learn more.